Dr. Lorraine Godden

Dr. Godden’s research is rooted in understanding how educators interpret policy and curriculum to make sense of career and life planning, work-integrated-learning, adult learning, and other educational multidisciplinary and public policies. Dr. Godden’s research has been published in national and international journals and conferences, and she has successfully completed many collaborative, empirical, and community-based research projects that have informed theory, policy, and practice-based initiatives. Dr. Godden currently serves on the Board of Directors of CERIC and was a Member of Team Canada for the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (2016-2018). For the Building Parent Engagement in Math (BPEiM) project, Dr. Godden was a school liaison, working closely to support and document the parent engagement plans of three of the participating schools.

“I was so interested to see the individual approaches each of the schools undertook with the project. They knew their local cohorts and quickly adopted project goals that were responsive to the needs of their students and families. Every school embraced this project, and made effective use of all resources to ensure that children and their families could engage and have fun with math. I was thrilled to see so many barriers come down, and families genuinely enjoying their time spent in schools learning from their children and their children’s teachers. It was thrilling to witness first hand the incredible ripple effect this project had, as parents grew in confidence and forged mutually beneficial relationships with school staff.”