Dr. Michelle Searle

Dr. Searle holds a PhD with a focus on assessment and evaluation. She has received the Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation from the Canadian Evaluation Society and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Michelle has experience leading research and evaluation teams in the fields of education and health. Her research focuses on increasing the usefulness of program evaluation through collaborative evaluation approaches and innovative forms of knowledge dissemination. She uses complementary methods drawn from qualitative and quantitative approaches to provide a convergence of program findings. By using mixed and multiple methods that are often infused with Arts, Michelle uses knowledge to inform policy, practice and scholarship. Michelle’s role in the BPEiM project included leading the evaluative thinking, promoting strategies for data generation, structures for analysis and contributing to report writing.

“The BPEiM provided an opportunity to work with research and practice communities to contribute to student learning by facilitating opportunities to learn with parents and others in mathematics. A central aspect of this project was the importance placed on context; each school was guided by an Action Team where school leaders and educators used their knowledge about the students and school community to guide decisions about innovative programming and then, used data collected from their initiatives to promote continuous cycles of learning. The project was possible because of the dedication at each school site and the continual commitment to improve student learning. It was a privilege to work alongside a formidable project lead, Lynda Colgan, who not only has a deep understanding about mathematics but also about schools, parent engagement and educational decision-making. Together, the school and research teams made a difference in the lives of the learners they worked with, the children, youth and adults – importantly, they fostered meaningful relationships and a shared understanding of educational goals that transcend this project and serve to bolster essential aspects of our publicly funded education system.”