Dr. Sandy Youmans

Dr. Sandy Youmans is an adjunct assistant professor and educational researcher at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. She is passionate about promoting high quality teaching and learning experiences to support student success. Her work is informed by her experiences as an elementary classroom teacher and mother of three. Dr. Youmans was the project manager for the Evaluation of the Implementation of the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Education. For the Building Parent Engagement in Math (BPEiM) project, Dr. Youmans was a school liaison, working closely to support and document the parent engagement plans of three of the participating schools.

“It was tremendous to see the variety of ways that BPEiM schools engaged their parent communities in math learning: from take-home math bags to social media math problem challenges to parent math education sessions. Schools did a great job of finding out the needs of their parents and trying to meet them.”