Games and Activity Ideas

Dots-Fingers Games 01
Dots-Fingers Games 02

In-School Graffiti Wall

Math Around the Home (March, 19, 2018)
Math at the Beach
Math at the Park
Math in the Garden
Math of Trees

Rainy Day Math
Smaller Numbers Hiding Inside Larger Ones

Super-cool, Community Resources for Science Snail Math Races activity package, with a great looking scoreboard.


Telling the Time, Pages 1 to 4 (4 × zipped JPG files; 1.22MB)
Telling the Time (Adobe PDF file format 200KB)



Why Use Math Games?

Winter 2018—Brrrr!! Something chilly to suit the season…

Calendar Math (Adobe PDF file format 276KB)

Holiday Math Mockup (Adobe PDF file format 4MB)

Holiday Math Mockup, 1 of 4 (JPG file; 690KB)
Holiday Math Mockup, 2 of 4 (JPG file; 614KB)
Holiday Math Mockup, 3 of 4 (JPG file; 695KB)
Holiday Math Mockup, 4 of 4 (JPG file; 804KB)




Snowflake Math (Adobe PDF file format 4MB)

Snowflake Math, 1 of 5 (JPG file; 871KB)
Snowflake Math, 2 of 5 (JPG file; 673KB)
Snowflake Math, 3 of 5 (JPG file; 701KB)
Snowflake Math, 4 of 5 (JPG file; 741KB)
Snowflake Math, 5 of 5 (JPG file; 1.2MB)

Temperature Math (Adobe PDF file format 286KB)