Immaculate Conception

Windsor, Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board

Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School is one of 32 elementary schools in the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board, and it is located in the city center of Windsor, Ontario.

Shared Resources

Immaculate Catholic Elementary School: PEiM Parents are Partners Presentationt (PDF File Format)
Immaculate Catholic Elementary School: PEiM Parents are Partners Presentation (PPTX File Format)

A great video and photographic record of their event scan be found on the Immaculate Conception Catholic School blog.

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School Successes

Members of the school action team attended an introductory session with the Parent Engagement Project Team members via Zoom on November 16th 2017.

The school action team has held their initial meeting and further meetings are scheduled for 2018. At their first meeting they agreed that Gr. 1 and Gr. 2 was their primary focus for the first year of this project.

The action team discussed items they might need to purchase, including books, manipulatives, apps and or technology, and various refreshments that they might need to make available during parent-focused events. They are also thinking about the frequency, location and timing of events.

The team has begun a blog on their website which will be used to send out monthly “math messages” to the school’s broader stakeholder community.

The initial event was held over Wednesday, January 31 and Thursday February 1st 2018, and included a successful and well-attended parent information session.

Moving Ahead—For their next planning meeting they will be focusing on their upcoming parent information session, including providing parents with an information booklet and providing an overview of their website links.


School Action Team Members

The school quickly formed its action team and the team includes
administrators and teachers. Action team members are as follows:
Lisa Mosca — Primary Support Teacherics_windsor_logo_squares
Cassia Hebert — School Board Math Teacher
Nicole Stella — Gr. 4/5 Teacher
Ryan Crema — Gr. 5/6 Teacher
Paul Schell — Gr. 2/3 Teacher
Fred Macapagal — Principal