Prince Charles, Napanee

Napanee, Limestone District School Board

The Prince Charles Public School is a large Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in the Town of Greater Napanee. The school offers both a regular English program and a French Immersion program to its school community. A total of 37 staff work at the school. There are 463 students at the school, 201 of which are in the English program and 262 of which are in the French Immersion program. Students who participate in the regular English program are within walking distance to school, while the majority of French Immersion students are bussed to school.


Shared Resources

Family Math Nights

Parent Engagement—Primary

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Parent Engagement—Junior

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Parent Engagement in Math, Survey Results Presentation (Intermediate Students; Microsoft PowerPoint *.pptx file format)
Parent Engagement in Math, Survey Results Presentation (Intermediate Students; Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File *.pdf format)
Family Math Game Night Poster
Math Open House Poster
Drop-Out Math Game
Hand-Snap Math Game
Make Ten Concentration Math Game
Salute Math Game
Scavenger Hunt Math Game (English)
Chasse au trésor jeu de mathématiques (en Français; Scavenger Hunt Math Game, French)
More Great Math Games 01
More Great Math Games 02


School Successes

Members of the school Action Team and some additional staff attended the launch session with the Parent Engagement Project Team members on October 16th, 2017. Lynda, Sandy, and Barbara also attended a school PA day to make a presentation to the school’s staff on November 24th, 2017. Sandy attended a staff meeting on December 13th, during which time staff were split into divisional groups and brainstormed parent engagement ideas tailored for divisions.

The school has decided to implement division-wide parent engagement in math activities.

Moving Ahead—The Action Team is meeting in early 2018 to begin to identify division-specific parent engagement in math activities they will implement.


School Action Team Members

The Prince Charles School’s Action Team includes one administrator, one parent, one math facilitator, and six educators, as follows:prince_charles_napanee_logo_squares

Krista Nitschke — Principal
Julie Leeder — Math Facilitator
Christine Aikens — Parent/Teacher
Cindy Backman — Grade 1
Caitlin Jones — Grade 5/6
Trish Brunner — ECE
Tricia McKnight — JK/SK
Michelle Dauphinee — Grade 1/2
Michelle LeHoux — Grade 5/6